Enjoy your sexuality BUT be a ‘know all’ with your contraceptives!

This is a gentle nudge to remind you to check your monthly supply of low dose birth control pills and to pop a couple of fresh condoms into your purse. I also want to focus on bringing a new book to your attention which could literally change your life and the way you view the most intimate part of your body. The book of yonis is 164 full colour pages, designed exquisitely and bound beautifully in a hardback cover. It is a beautiful gift or addition to your bookcase or coffee table, and the perfect way to celebrate the heart of the flower that is woman.

Ordinary women have been courageous enough to share their bodies in this exquisitely photographed collection – these are not air brushed models who have been selected for their touched up ’beautiful bits’.
Watch this short video about the book, ‘Heart of the Flower’.

Read what others say about ‘Heart of the Flower’:
“You have created something really special with this book. It is a spiritual experience every time I sit down and read/look at it. I feel blessed to have known of it when it is first released. Thanks for letting me be part of that. A book to pass down and around. Much love.” — Di

”It’s funny because as someone who sees Yonis on a daily basis the images were not by any means a surprise or shock for me. Yet the different angles along with each lady’s words made me view them again from a totally different way. All in all I think this book should be the bible for all woman (especially younger women) to eradicate any fear or uncertainty, and almost more importantly for men.” — Natalie, 22, beauty therapist

“I’ve had 30 years of therapy, psychiatry and reading this book has been the most healing thing that could happen to me. I can’t tell you how it’s helped me and how important it’s been to me. It’s wonderful. Every woman should own a copy.” — Deb

“Is it possible to read the words of these women and look at their pictures not through a haze of tears? Beautiful. Brave. Stunning. Powerful. Wow — what a book.” — Ian, 44

Heart of the Flower: The book of yonis is an unflinching exploration of the beautiful diversity of women’s genitals, free of judgement, shame and embarrassment.

Fifty everyday women have posed for up-close and personal photographs that show their genitals from many different and rarely seen angles. Each woman writes candidly with wit, wisdom, passion, even despair, about her relationship with her yoni.

The book brings into light the ins and outs of the female sexual anatomy, and demystifies and challenges the way society views women’s genitals and sexuality.

Heart of the Flower is designed to normalise and celebrate diversity at a time when labial reconstructions have reached an all-time high and women’s body image is at an all-time low.
If you love art and you wish to see the beauty of the female vagina as never before recorded, this is one book worth buying and telling your friends about.


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